How To Avoid Panic And Anxiety While Moving

Is it possible not to panic or be anxious about a move? The answer is both yes and no. No, if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the general notions of how crazy and hectic moves can be. And yes if you follow the advice you are about to receive.

There is no doubt that you have many things to worry about. But you should also not doubt that you can get things in control and manage both them and yourself very well.


Tip one: Change how you think about it

If all you picture when you think of your move is all the negative things you’ve heard from people about moving, you will be setting up yourself for worry. Think of it differently. Think of the beautiful things about it. A new home, new neighborhood, new friends, new places to explore, a chance to restructure your life, etc. It really can be fun, after all.

Tip two: Set out early

When you have more time on your hands to take care of things, you are less pressured about them. You can be able to weave in all that needs to be done into your schedule in a way that makes them easier to handle. Panic begins when you know you have very little time but so much to do, and it is never a good situation. You can forget things, lose some, damage others, and make a mess of yourself.

Tip three: Have a plan

Preparation is key in everything you do. Starting out by planning is always the best way to begin anything. Do not just tump into action. Have a plan, and make sure it includes all that needs to be done. Research online and gather more information about things you need to take care of. Set out a timeline for every activity. Since you are starting early, you will find you have enough time for each task. Your plan will guide you and make sure nothing is skipped for the last minute.

Tip four: Do not procrastinate

The danger of this is significant. You get closer to the date with nothing much done. Then panic is unavoidable. But when you avoid procrastinating on anything you’ve listed to do on your plan and checklist, you will be at ease and go about things.

Tip five: Get friends and family involved

They must not only come in on the day of packing or moving. Informing them on time about the move and all that has to be done can be a way to make the tasks less daunting. They can offer useful advice, encourage you, check-up on you to see how you are progressing with the arrangements, even handle one or two things for you.

Tip six: Have fun

Make the process fun as much as possible. Approach the tasks differently. For instance, packing can be a fun family activity, with everyone involved doing their bits, plenty of jokes, laughter, drinks and snacks. Sorting out old items can bring back great family memories to delight everyone.

You can also find useful exercises that will help you relax more as you get on with your relocation here.

Enjoy your move!

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