How to Avoid Moving Injuries

Moving can be stressful, expensive, and sometimes downright dangerous. Enlisting the aid of a professional moving company can make the process infinitely better and that much safer. However, whether you plan on hiring professional movers or not, at some point during the relocation process, you will most likely be tasked with some heavy lifting. The following are some important tips and tricks to help you avoid injuries sustained while doing so.

Have a Plan

Do not lift something large and/or bulky without first determining where you will place it. You can avoid extra steps and the additional expenditure of energy by looking ahead. Make sure to clear a path to your final destination, so that there is no risk of tripping.

Ask For Help

Moving is a labor-intensive process best left for the professionals, but if you cannot afford to hire someone or you want to tackle the challenge alone, do not be afraid to call in reinforcements. Know your limits and if something seems too heavy or awkward to pick up by yourself, then you should absolutely ask for help, whether it be from a friend, family member, or possibly an amicable neighbor or passerby.

Use Your Core

When lifting heavy objects, you will want to take as much stress off of your back as possible. One way to do this is to really utilize your core by concentrating on flexing your abdominal muscles. Remember to keep your center tight during the entire time you are carrying the object so that the weight is not bearing down on your back and causing potential long-term injuries.

Hold Items Close

This is not a metaphor suggesting you keep sentimental items or valuables close to your heart, but is actually a practical suggestion to help ease the strain on your body. The closer the object, a moving box, or large item is to your body, the more evenly the weight will be distributed, so as to most efficiently minimize the strain on any one part of your body.

Lift With Your Legs

This adage is tried and true, and although you have probably heard it 100 times, it is no less important. If you bend at the waist to lift something, the strain will be placed predominantly on your back, and put you at a much higher risk for injury. Bend your knees, grasp the item securely, and then lift. Doing so will ensure you don’t knock anything out of alignment on the upswing.

Wear Proper Attire

You wouldn’t play sports in sandals, and it is not a good idea to attempt a move in them either. Wear sturdy yet comfortable shoes, either work boots or sneakers, depending on what you have available. Jeans are preferred over shorts because they will offer your legs better protection from banged shins or dropped objects.

Many people choose to move themselves simply because they don’t think they can afford to hire professionals.  However, the benefit of having a reliable, experienced team of movers is insurmountable, and with a little time and effort on your part, you can even find a company that will adhere to your budget while still fulfilling your needs and saving you from the burden and the risk of injury that is often associated with the relocation process.

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