How Do I Get a Big Couch through a Tiny Door?

You’ve been on the relocation process for a long time now, sorting, packing, cleaning up, and doing all the other necessary things. You’ve overcome loading the things into a truck. Your properties have gone all the way down to your new place. You gave the first sigh of relief when all the things arrived. Unloading seemed smooth and you have been looking forward to getting done with the business. Then all of a sudden you are hit with a painful realization: the couch won’t go through the door easily; it seems it is bigger than the door.

That sounds like being hit again just when you are managing to stand from a fall caused by a previous hit. What do you do?


Detach the legs

Check if the legs of the couch can be removed. If yes, then take them off. That will reduce the supposed size of the couch.


Start measuring

If after removing the legs the couch still won’t go through easily, or if the legs are not detachable, then measure all its dimensions and be sure of what they are. Measure the door’s height and width, and compare measurements. If the door width is more than the back height of the couch, then try turning the couch so it’s facing down, and slide it in.


Try different angles

Try standing the couch and taking one side in before the other. Someone should be inside and someone else outside. Angle the couch and slide the seat through the door so that it curves around the doorway. You and the other person may have to keep tilting the couch back and forth as you push it in.



If all dimensions of the couch prove that it just won’t get through, you can consider getting it dismantled and reassembled inside the house. It requires professionals and will cost some money. Or you may also consider taking the door off the hinges and see if that creates enough room. And the door frame, too. But before you do this, you should measure first, so you do not waste the efforts and maybe money.


Try other entrance points

Are there other doors around the house? If there are other doors, perhaps from behind, see if they are large enough for the couch to go through. Or maybe a window large enough to contain it; the window glasses would have to be removed in that case.


If none works

You can consider selling the couch, maybe on Craigslist, and getting a new one. Or you may even want to give it out to a friend or family member. Either way, you won’t get the exact value of the couch, but what other option is still left?

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