Guidelines for Smooth Moving For the Disabled

Moving is generally nerve-racking and stressful. It can only be assumed to be even more difficult for someone who is physically impaired or having a disability. The process remains the same, but for the sake of your special condition, it is necessary to take things easier and avoid stress as much as possible. You don’t want to get the situation worsened by more anxiety. So here is a guide that will help you.


Begin Planning Early

The earlier the better. When you give yourself a long time to plan and carry out a move, you can get about things with ease and take your time to complete all that needs to be done. The pressure mounts as the moving day approaches. You should avoid that by being prepared on time.


Work With a Checklist

Your checklist should contain all that needs to be done. With that you can measure your progress on the process. And if your checklist is very comprehensive, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there is something you are forgetting. It will remind you of all you need to do.


Assess Your New Home

You may require certain conditions in your new house. It is important to do an assessment and be sure everything is okay. For instance, if you use a wheelchair, you may need to be sure the door is large enough to allow a wheelchair pass through. Make sure the conditions at your new home are right for you.



Know About Changes in Your Disability Benefits and Services

Your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will not change even if you are moving to a different state, since it is a federal program and applies in every state. However, you would need to provide the agency with your new address to avoid interruptions in your payments. Also you need to find out how the move will affect your Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI).


Get Others to Help

You can enlist friends and family members to take care of the packing and some other aspects of the move. This will ease the workload on you. You can also have the movers take care of the packing and unpacking.


Take Care of Your Medical Needs

Inform your physician about your move and let them advice properly. You should refill prescriptions, and keep close to you all your medications. Ask your physician for recommendation for new health care provider in your new location. Medical records should be transferred, and you should also have contact of the new physician as well as keep handy the contact of your old doctor for emergency reasons.

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