Guide To Quick And Easy Unpacking After Moving

So you have arrived your new home and the truck has been unloaded. You almost feel like you are done with all the headaches of moving. But wait; there are the piles of boxes staring at you and waiting for some action. The sight makes you sigh, as it reminds you that you are still some miles away from finishing.

So how do best do you go about that? Here is a very helpful guide.


  • Begin with cleaning

It is possible the landlord had the house cleaned after the previous occupants left. Confirm that. But otherwise, have the place cleaned before you start stuffing your precious items onto a dirty and dusty house.

  • Organize boxes by room

The assumption here is that you packed properly and had all the boxes labeled correctly. If you did that, it is easier to locate what room the contents of each box should be in. So, get the boxes where they will be needed and get rid of the scary pile.

  • Prioritize the rooms

You may not be able to finish everything the same day. You don’t have that much time, and you are probably too tired. So prioritize the rooms. Give more attention to the ones that will be occupied immediately, and that include the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

  • Consider necessities

Beddings, food, toiletries are some of the things you will have immediate need of. So begin the unpacking with those things so you can make use of them when you need to. Start with the kitchen, set up the cooker and refrigerator. For the bathroom, get your toiletries and towel in. And in the bedroom, make sure the bed is set for rest anytime. You should remember that getting these places fully functional will take some days, so begin by setting up the basics in each of them.

  • Have a plan for the furniture

When you have your necessities set up to sustain you while you do proper organizing of every other thing, you should take a good look at each room (especially places like the living room), and have a plan for where to place each furniture. This saves you the stress of arranging and rearranging things severally. And while on furniture, begin with the largest of them. Once those are set up, smaller items can easily find their place.

  • Decorations come later

Beautifying the place should come after you have been able to set up for living. A site like offers a lot of useful resources on decorating and setting up a new home, including finding professionals to handle the job if you want that.

There you go! Unpack and start enjoying your new home. But if the work seems overwhelming to handle alone, you can hire helpers or even professional unpackers and organizers. But a final word; make sure to empty all boxes and even flatten all papers to ensure you don’t dispose them with some little valuables.


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