Guide to Moving Without a Job

How do you move without a job? It sounds crazy and scary as well. Moves are generally taken to be expensive, and without a job… Here’s what to do.

Have a Budget

A move will cost you some money, even though there are ways you can cut down on this. It is important to have something saved before embarking on such move. Apart from the money you will need to achieve the move, you will also need something to get you going at your new location while you embark on a job search.Here are some things you will need money for:

  • Apartment rental
  • Utilities
  • Gas/transportation
  • Household expenses
  • Insurance, and more

Arrange for an apartment

Your budget should guide you on this. Depending on what you’ve saved, how much you will be spending on the actual move, and how much you plan to live on or how long you plan to go about job search in your new city, you should look for rental agencies that offer short term leases at your new location. Avoid leases that are up to a year. Other options to consider are month-to-month leases, subleases, or extended stay rooms.

DIY Move

If you are without a job, it is most likely you also do not have much things to move. It may be easier to move yourself, which will also be cheaper.

  • Cut costs by reducing the things you will have to move.
  • Save up some more by selling some of them. Organize a garage sale, sell online, or sell to acquaintances.
  • Get packing supplies from friends, family and neighbors.
  • Enlist the help of friend with the move in any way possible.
  • You can also find out if anyone close to you has a truck that you can use freely or at a very low price.

Start Job Search

It is tough, but with an action plan you can conquer.

  • Go through multiple sources and target multiple recruiters and job titles.
  • Go through employment agencies online, and also check local job listings in newspapers. Check Craigslist or other sites for job listings.
  • Take advantage of relationships you may have with those who are already working in the city. They could be old friends, schoolmates, etc.
  • Start sending out cover letters and resumes to different companies.
  • Take a part-time job that would still allow you time for your job search but also help put something in your pocket for surviving the process.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering can increase your chance of being employed.

Adjust Your Spending Habits

Living more economical is necessary at such phase of your life. While you desire to have and be able to do all the things you love, you may have to suffer a temporary discomfort in order to keep yourself going on your savings until you land a job in your new location.

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