Full-Service vs. Self-Service

There are many people who are not quite familiar with the differences between full-service movers and self-service movers, and have a difficult time deciding which option is the best fit for their specific situation. Although full-service is the costlier option, it also boasts the most convenience and value. Self-service is much more wallet-friendly, but also requires more work on the part of the consumer. It really comes down to personal preference and budget allowance.


The majority of full-service movers operate using the same basic premise. They will take care of moving your belongings from start to finish, including packing all of your possessions at the starting point, transporting all of your items, and unpacking and arranging at your final destination. This removes all the burden usually associated with moving from the consumer, so you can concentrate on tying up loose ends at your current home, such as cancelling utilities, cleaning the house, and paying off bills. It also allows you to do essentially the opposite at your new place of residence, such as calling and setting up utilities and cable, changing your address, and getting acclimated to your new surroundings.

This full-service option also removes all chance of injury to the consumer, because you will not be doing any heavy lifting, packing, or rearranging, making it the safer option by far. This is especially helpful for people of certain demographics, such as elderly, those with a large amount of belongings , especially furniture, and families with small children. It is also extremely helpful for those who simply don’t have the time to pack and unpack, which may be the case if you are in the midst of a job transfer or promotion and need to work up until the move and begin immediately upon arrival.

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Although self-service can apply to a modified version of full-service in which you may be responsible for some packing, unpacking, or arranging, most self-service movers are simply in charge of transport. Often they will drop off boxes, moving supplies, and crates a few days before a scheduled pick-up. They will then load the truck, move your belongings to the final destination, and unload the truck upon arrival. The rest is up to you. Because you are still in charge of most of the packing and unpacking, this can be very time-consuming and stressful, but it really is much more affordable than full-service.

Self-service tends to be a good choice for those with minimal possessions, and a lack of furniture, or those who have the time to deal with the majority of the moving process, but do not want to rent and drive a truck for transport.   This is usually a good fit for those who move often, mostly because once you have mastered the art of the move, you can do it almost as quickly and efficiently as professionals.



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