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Doral is a municipality in Dade county Florida, United States. The city is found to the east of Miami. It was incorporated in 2003, the 24th of June, making inclusive of the thirty four municipalities in the county. Doral sits on a 15mi2 piece of land, 1.2 miles away from the international airport of Miami. It is also sandwiched by Medley town to the North and Sweet water to the South.
Doral city has a number of major attractions in the country. Miami Dade Fire rescue is one major, found to the south of Trump national, off Toll road. Metro Life church near Miami international Airport and Lakeside Memorial Park a remarkable attraction as well. The city hosts the United States southern command (SOUTHCOM). Dedicated sponsors of the United Martial Arts having continual engagement with the sporting activities in the city have also acted as an attraction.

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Reasons to move to Doral, FL

Doral is a large metropolitan area containing basic and advanced social amenities. The proximity to the international airport and developed transport net work here has ensured the sustaining of a stable market throughout the year. This is experienced not only in the city but also its environs. The strategic basing of the city and a fully granted top priority security (having housing SOUTHCOM) has positively affected the invasion of entrepreneurs, hoisting their premises within the city!

Business: As one of the cities in Florida, Doral has continually received immense economic support from the State’s economic sector. The funds have been ideally put to use through identification of new ventures, aiding upcoming local businesses and introducing financial programs for home working youths and women. The city has also gone further to introduce local existing companies to merge with reputable subjective ones in order to harness economic potentials for the selective corporations. This has seen Doral’s economy tremendously improving in the few years stipulated. Youths have been encouraged to exploit their entrepreneurial skills in order to create self employment and release them to the world of financial autonomy at young ages.
Education: the city is home to advanced facility learning institutions. Over the recent years the municipality has worked to intensify technology use in school after several bench markings in order to enable learners to observe the wider scope of societal dynamic transformation conveniently.
Health care: Doral has quality health care facility plus a committed work force of elite professional who anxiously help patients with medical services. A good number of nursing homes and special centres have achieved high community ratings considering their level of quality health care delivery.

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