Don’t get burned- Your guide to moving during the summer

Moving is stressful; summer is hot. Put them together and you risk getting burned from within and without. But summer seems to have positioned itself as the busiest time for moves. Statistics show that. The kids are not in school, and someone’s taking a break from work. Perhaps, people figure it’s just ideal to root everyone out by then. But how do you avoid getting doubly-burned? Here are some very useful guides.

  • Book early

This is where it begins. Movers are mighty busy during the summer, so to get a good spot, and deal too, begin your search for a moving company early enough so that you can seal the deal in time. You should have made your arrangements two months before your moving date. The shorter the time, the more chances you get into the first heat of trying to secure your favorite mover. Before booking the mover, be sure to clarify on all the services you will need (including packing, if necessary). It may be difficult to enlist them to do something at the eleventh hour that you didn’t book for.

  • Dress for the season

Each season, especially winter and summer (that seem to be on two extremes), demand certain clothing, and you should heed to that this time (even if you don’t any other time). Keep it simple. Avoid dark colors. Nothing heavy. Applying sunscreen would be helpful when moving your boxes outside.

  • Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water during the move. Your body needs it. It helps keep your body temperature in order. You can also take beverages, but avoid energy drinks. And while you do this for yourself and family, also remember the movers. It is not compulsory, but will only be a kind gesture to arrange some cold drinks for them, too.

  • keep it cool

Both at your old and your new home, the air conditioner may need to be turned on to keep the place cool while you and your movers work. Remember that there will be many forward and backward moves, and the doors will be open for an extended time. Prepare for this and the extra cost that would accrue.

  • Relax, and let others do, too

Your crew may need to be taking short breaks. Allow them. And you also need to keep calm even when things don’t go as planned. Make sure the kids and pets are kept away from the movers and made to be having a good time.

  • Pack wisely

Putting the heat into consideration, some things cannot be packed the normal way. And when it comes to loading into a truck, you should remember that certain items would react to the heat in the course of the move and get damaged. The truck is one heavy metal box that will be locked up, too. This is where using professional and experienced movers is important.

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