Common Home Moving Issues: How to Deal with Problems


Moving from one house to another, from one city to another, from one country to another is never an easy step in a person’s life. Everyone gets excited about this new adventure and get caught up in planning their new lives, dreaming about reaching the highest achievement in their new workplace. And many people eventually get tangled in the chaos that ensues when you start planning your moving.
There are two major problems that occur when you move a house…

1. Lack of planning

This is probably the worst problem that you could be faced with and it could cause a lot of trouble. Experts from a removal company would advise you to make a task list with everything that you have to take care of if you want to enjoy your relocation. That would let you be in the driving seat all the time during the entire moving process.

2. Lack of time

Time limits are another issue that you’ll have to deal with when you’re changing your home. If you’ve made up your mind to handle everything by yourself, it could be a real challenge to succeed in doing it within a few days.
… and you can deal with the problems by…

Great Packing Tips and Tricks

Many people who have to consider a budget or choose to handle their relocation by themselves. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not familiar with the moving process. That’s why the result usually is a pile of broken and damaged stuff. See some great tips and tricks will let you transport your belongings with no problems at all.

1. Reduce your stuff

This is the first thing that professionals from a removal company would advise you. Roll up your sleeves and get rid of all items that you haven’t used in the last year. Why should you spend so much time, money and efforts on packing stuff that you don’t need? You’d better waste a day or two to go through your belongings and throw away everything useless before you start packing.

2. Hunt for quality materials

This is another important task that you shouldn’t overlook. Do you want your belongings to be transported without a scratch? Then you’d better find some first-class packing materials like sturdy moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap.

3. Choose the right size of moving boxes

It’s a big mistake to overfill a large moving box with heavy stuff like books. If you do it, probably you won’t make even a few steps before your belongings end up on the ground. That’s why experienced movers follow one simple rule when they’re packing –  heavy items go in smaller boxes and lighter ones in bigger boxes.


4. Research and find trustworthy moving company

If you decide to use a removals company you should start your research at least two months before your moving day. This will give you time to do a proper check up of several companies, their reputation and their rates, compare and choose the one that suits your needs best.

End of Tenancy Agreement: What to Do




If you are renting a place then there are plenty of things that should be done before moving out. Let’s try to generalize your main end of tenancy goals.

1. Give a notice

You can’t just pack your stuff, call a man and van and move. If you don’t want trouble with your landlord, you have to warn him/her on time that you consider changing your home. When should you do that? Well, have a look at your tenancy agreement and you’ll discover an answer there. Typically, the notice period is between 4 and 6 weeks but it might vary, so you’d better check. Don’t forget that you should give an official notice, just a conversation is not enough.

2. Clean up

All landlords stand up for this item of the lease contract so you have to pay special attention to it. You have to make sure the property is in the same condition as it was when you’ve moved in. You can try to do this also by yourself but you must bear in mind that it’ll take you a lot of time to do it right. If you can’t spend the time and effort, the team of tenancy specialists at Strong Move (London) advise you to hire professionals to ease the load with post-tenancy cleaning chores. Cleaning an entire apartment could take anywhere up to 6 hours.

Ease Your Moving With Cats and Dogs




Pets are part of your life and that’s why it’s understandable why you can’t just give them away to someone else when moving to another home. You should bear in mind that this situation is not only stressful for you but for your pet as well. “How could I make the moving easier for my pet?” This is the question which every animal’s owner ask himself/herself when he/she should relocate. If you are one of them, you shouldn’t worry because here you could find few useful tips.

1. Before the moving day

Make research for your new area. Find out where are the nearest vets, parks, shops and so on. Meet with your old veterinarian and ask him/her for advice on how to prepare your pet for the moving.

2. The moving day

Keep your pet away from the moving crew to prevent any incidents or extra stressful situations. Take enough food and water for the travelling. Don’t forget your pet’s toys. Take some with you to keep your dog or cat busy in the car.

3. In your new home

Be patient and let your domestic animal explore the new environment. It may take some time until he/she gets used.

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