Whether you’re moving a household, a dorm room or even a storage unit, renting a moving truck can save you quite a bit when compared to hiring a full service moving company. Moving trucks can be rented for local moves as well as state to state moves and there are several ways that you can save money and get cheaper rates when you rent the truck.


Here are a few key points to keep in mind when you are planning a move that can help you find cheap and lower priced moving truck rental rates:

  • If you are moving within a short distance, try to rent the moving truck with round trip services so you can return it to the same location when you are finished moving. If this is an option that you can choose, you can save money because round trip rentals are typically cheaper than one way rentals.


  • The size of the truck will be a large factor in determining the price of the moving truck rental rate. Trucks are generally available in sizes ranging from 10 feet for one or two rooms up to a larger 20 foot or larger truck for up to seven or more rooms. As each foot of the truck increases, so will the rate you will have to pay. If you feel that you can get by with a smaller truck, you will want to do so in order to save money on the rental rate.


  • Providing your own insurance can save anywhere from $20 up to more than $100 for insurance provided by the moving truck rental company.


  • Keep the mileage as low as possible when you are driving. You will usually be charged per mile when you rent a moving truck, so joyriding should never be an option unless you have an unlimited bank account. The miles add up fast which means the cost will as well. Map your moving route out so you can budget the mileage with your moving expenses when you are planning the move.


  • Never leave a moving truck dirty or low on fuel when you return it to the company. Most companies will charge a cleaning charge and will debit your bank card if they have to clean the truck. Also, it is usually mandatory at moving truck companies that the fuel be filled back to the same amount that was in the truck when it was initially picked up. Fuel charges by a moving truck rental company will usually be far higher than what you will pay at the pump if you refill it on your own.


You will want to compare rates from several different moving truck companies before you decide which one to rent from. The most well-known companies are U-Haul, Ryder, Penske, Budget and Enterprise. Ask each company for rates based on different dates to see which dates may cost less than others. Renting the truck on a weekday will usually be cheaper than renting on the weekend. Before you sign a contract or pay for anything, be sure to read your rental agreement in its entirety so you will know what is expected of you once you rent the truck. When you need cheap moving truck rental pricing, keep this information in mind to help you cut the cost of your move down as much as possible.