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Moving is a process that requires an immense amount of planning and preparation.  Moving to a new state is even more involved and taxing, but it doesn’t need to be too stressful or expensive.  In order to avoid anxiety and save money, you’ll need professional help.  This is where we come into play.  We can match you with a company that will best accommodate your moving needs.

Making the Move to California

California, the Golden State, is known for its picturesque beaches, idyllic weather, and diverse demographics.  Whether your new home will be in Northern California or Southern California, or somewhere in the vast in-between, you can expect to immensely enjoy your novel location.

Because of the extreme popularity of California, our movers have extensive experience and familiarity with assisting in relocation to the west coast.  We will also be able to provide the most competitive rates in the industry, simply because of our knowledge and proficiency for this particular state and the transition that goes along with the move itself.

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Services Available

There are a number of reasons why someone may decide to make the move to California, and we are fully prepared to accommodate any one of them.  Along with the many reasons, there are a variety of different types of moves with which we can expertly assist.

  • Residential Move: When most people think to request the help of professional movers, this is the type of move that comes to mind first.  Whether you will be upgrading from a studio apartment, or need help downsizing from a sizeable home, we can efficiently get you where you need to be.
  • Business Move: Self-employed individuals may elect to move the contents of their entire office or even their entire commercial building, both scenarios which we will happily accommodate.
  • College Students: California offers a wide range of elite college and university systems that draw in students of all ages.  Whether you were accepted at UC Santa Barbara or choose instead to attend a community college in San Francisco, we can provide you with a mover to get you there on budget you can afford.
  • Military Transfer: Many military families are transferred or promoted to a new state without adequate notice, so the move itself can be made more stressful because of a limited time period. California hosts a large number of bases for all different branches of the armed forces.  Not only will we work hard to ensure the move is made in a timely manner, many of our companies also offer a significant military discount to sweeten the deal.

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