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Brandon is located in Hillsborough county of Florida. The community is situated about 10 miles east of Tampa near Florida Gulf Coast. It is readily available from its interstates. It is the largest known for being the community in Florida. Named by the founder John Brandon, it originated in the late 18th century and had since grown.  The population has rapidly increased from less than 10,000 in the early 60s to almost 100,000 in the late 80s. By late 1980, the population had grown to about 100,000 with over 2,500 businesses having sprung up.  Although still unincorporated, Brandon has grown slowly and today could well be considered a major urban area, with an ongoing growth of new public schools, corporate centers and industries.  Brandon combines small town living with easy access to the big city. There is plenty to do in Brandon, which includes the beaches and attractions nearby. Brandon is home to the Westfield Shopping Town, a shopping facility and also a destination of purchase.

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Why you should move to Brandon

Personal: Brandon has a low rate of poverty. Its unemployment rate lower than most states, enjoying a positive growth of job opportunities lately.   Brandon jobs have increased by 3.13 percent. One can also enjoy lower costs of living in Brandon. It’s known for its Balloon Classic which is held in April of every year.  Sports fan also enjoy the professional action of both the major and minor league variety.   Brandon’s Tampa is also the Spring Training site of major league Baseball New York Yankees. The county’s Lakeland, less than 30min away, is home to the Lakeland Flying Tigers, the single affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. It also serves as the latter’s training site.
Healthcare: Brandon has various top hospitals and healthcare units. A good example is the Brandon Outreach Health Centre. All the hospitals and health care centers provide the much needed services.
Business: For those that are looking for a good place to do business, then Brandon is a good choice where you can mix business and pleasure. The coast of living is also low while the local market is saturated with every type of home you want to buy. In Brandon, there is no state income tax.
Education: The public school system is excellent. Also, what Brandon is known for is good high school sports program like arm wood which is nationally ranked in and year out.

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