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Bonita Springs is a resort city in south western Florida, United States of America. The city is located to the north of Naples city and is part of Naples metropolitan statistical region. Bonita Springs has a population of 20,601. It experiences tropical climate with averagetemperature of 290c.

The city hosts three major attractions namely; Cherry Hill Tattoo of Bonita Springs, Lovers Key State Park and Lovers Key Resort. Lovers Key Resort is a major reception for honey moons.

Bonita Springs hosts luxurious 4 star hotels renowned in the western region of the state. Random examples of these remarkable hotels include; Hyatt Regency Coconut Resort Point & Spa, Hyatt Coconut Plantation, Lovers Key Resort and Hilton’s Homewood Suites. Hyatt Regency has been a preference due to its orientation and site. It faces the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Mexico rendering a spectacular sight to sunset.


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Reasons to move to Bonita Springs

Being located on the beach, Bonita Springs has full access to the global market through water, basically, let alone air and technology. The city is laterally connected to the seaport along this region. In addition, corporate businesses in line with hospitality and tourism industry have thrived here, with the increase in demand supply of supplementary subject commodities. It is an ideal location to establish your business as it might be another platform to render opportune business creations!

Business: one of Bonita spring’s major strongholds is hospitality and tourism industry. The sector is so well established that it has subdued all the neighbourhoods in the region. The resilient marketing strategies in the industry have granted the city a sustainable market for decades. The dynamic evolutionary advancements globally have subjected this industry to adopt equally advanced objectives in order to maintain the front line. An attraction which has sustained the tourism sector in the city is The Moose Lodge. This site registers many over 20,000 tourists yearly.

Education:Bonita Springs boasts to be the role model in the western region for having adopted the most resilient and dynamic for of education. The full spectrum education gives credit to all aspects of skill and knowledge. The city is home to Bonita Springs Charter School, Bonita Springs Middle School, Bonita Springs Elementary School, Creative World School and Florida Gulf Coast University

Health care: health department gives diversity to health care: women, cancer patients, infants and animal pets. It is home to Bonita Springs Community Health Centre, South West Florida Veterinary Centre and Bonita Veterinary Hospital.

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