Common Home Moving Issues: How to Deal with Problems


Moving from one house to another, from one city to another, from one country to another is never an easy step in a person’s life. Everyone gets excited about this new adventure and get caught up in planning their new lives, dreaming about reaching the highest achievement in their new workplace. And many people eventually get tangled in the chaos that ensues when you start planning your moving.
There are two major problems that occur when you move a house…

1. Lack of planning

This is probably the worst problem that you could be faced with and it could cause a lot of trouble. Experts from a removal company would advise you to make a task list with everything that you have to take care of if you want to enjoy your relocation. That would let you be in the driving seat all the time during the entire moving process.

2. Lack of time

Time limits are another issue that you’ll have to deal with when you’re changing your home. If you’ve made up your mind to handle everything by yourself, it could be a real challenge to succeed in doing it within a few days.
… and you can deal with the problems by…

Great Packing Tips and Tricks

Many people who have to consider a budget or choose to handle their relocation by themselves. Unfortunately, the majority of people are not familiar with the moving process. That’s why the result usually is a pile of broken and damaged stuff. See some great tips and tricks will let you transport your belongings with no problems at all.

1. Reduce your stuff

This is the first thing that professionals from a removal company would advise you. Roll up your sleeves and get rid of all items that you haven’t used in the last year. Why should you spend so much time, money and efforts on packing stuff that you don’t need? You’d better waste a day or two to go through your belongings and throw away everything useless before you start packing.

2. Hunt for quality materials

This is another important task that you shouldn’t overlook. Do you want your belongings to be transported without a scratch? Then you’d better find some first-class packing materials like sturdy moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap.

3. Choose the right size of moving boxes

It’s a big mistake to overfill a large moving box with heavy stuff like books. If you do it, probably you won’t make even a few steps before your belongings end up on the ground. That’s why experienced movers follow one simple rule when they’re packing –  heavy items go in smaller boxes and lighter ones in bigger boxes.


4. Research and find trustworthy moving company

If you decide to use a removals company you should start your research at least two months before your moving day. This will give you time to do a proper check up of several companies, their reputation and their rates, compare and choose the one that suits your needs best.

End of Tenancy Agreement: What to Do




If you are renting a place then there are plenty of things that should be done before moving out. Let’s try to generalize your main end of tenancy goals.

1. Give a notice

You can’t just pack your stuff, call a man and van and move. If you don’t want trouble with your landlord, you have to warn him/her on time that you consider changing your home. When should you do that? Well, have a look at your tenancy agreement and you’ll discover an answer there. Typically, the notice period is between 4 and 6 weeks but it might vary, so you’d better check. Don’t forget that you should give an official notice, just a conversation is not enough.

2. Clean up

All landlords stand up for this item of the lease contract so you have to pay special attention to it. You have to make sure the property is in the same condition as it was when you’ve moved in. You can try to do this also by yourself but you must bear in mind that it’ll take you a lot of time to do it right. If you can’t spend the time and effort, the team of tenancy specialists at Strong Move (London) advise you to hire professionals to ease the load with post-tenancy cleaning chores. Cleaning an entire apartment could take anywhere up to 6 hours.

Ease Your Moving With Cats and Dogs




Pets are part of your life and that’s why it’s understandable why you can’t just give them away to someone else when moving to another home. You should bear in mind that this situation is not only stressful for you but for your pet as well. “How could I make the moving easier for my pet?” This is the question which every animal’s owner ask himself/herself when he/she should relocate. If you are one of them, you shouldn’t worry because here you could find few useful tips.

1. Before the moving day

Make research for your new area. Find out where are the nearest vets, parks, shops and so on. Meet with your old veterinarian and ask him/her for advice on how to prepare your pet for the moving.

2. The moving day

Keep your pet away from the moving crew to prevent any incidents or extra stressful situations. Take enough food and water for the travelling. Don’t forget your pet’s toys. Take some with you to keep your dog or cat busy in the car.

3. In your new home

Be patient and let your domestic animal explore the new environment. It may take some time until he/she gets used.

Things to Take Care of Before You Move Into Your New Home

In many ways, moving to a new home feels like the start of a new phase of life. A different neighborhood, new neighbors and most importantly, a new home. But before you up and leave for your ‘new life’, you need to make sure that the new house is as ready for you as you are for it. Homeowners often overlook things like painting, locks and windows in a hurry to get settled in the new place. This makes any improvements difficult and time-consuming to carry out when you are already living there.

As you get ready to move, prepare a to-do list of the most important things to take care of and start ticking them off one by one. A word of advice – give yourself a couple of months or so to get through the list. Do not wait until two weeks to moving to start figuring out what needs to be done. That said, here are the most important things to include in your list, whether it be small tasks or large projects like a full basement remodel.

  1. Get new locks

This should be the first thing you do as soon as the handover process is complete. At that point, there are several people who most likely have keys to the house including previous owners, the realtor and maybe even the previous owners’ neighbors. Get a professional locksmith to install new locks on all exterior doors.

  1. A fresh coat of paint

Painting the walls and ceiling is a good way to experience a new beginning in a new place. A fresh coat of paint can also help cover up old stains, small defects and other signs of aging. Since this is a time consuming task, it is a good idea to hire a contractor to handle it. Also check the exterior of the house and decide whether it could do with fresh paint too.

  1. Check on essential utilities

When the previous owners move out, you’ll need to get to get all utilities reconnected in your name. Make sure all this is done in time instead of hurrying to contact utility companies on the day you move in. Start with the most essential utilities; electricity, gas, water and sewer. Important technology utilities to remember include cable, internet and phone. Don’t forget to connect other services including garbage collection and recycling.

By making sure all these things are taken care off before you move in, you will have a smooth worry-free beginning in your new home.

  1. Get a professional house cleaning

Even if the house was cleaned after the previous owners moved out, it most likely sat empty for a while gathering dust. Consider giving the house another thorough clean before you move in. If you have time on your hands, you could do the cleaning yourself with the help of a friends and family. You can also hire a professional cleaning crew for a completely thorough job.

  1. Get enough storage

Next to love, storage is perhaps the next most important thing in a home. Go around the new home, checking whether there is enough storage. This includes kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, shelves and so on. Where will you put your dirty laundry? Is there a pantry in the kitchen?

If you need new cabinets, get a contractor to do the installation before you move. You might also have to buy additional organizers and storage essentials. Having adequate storage will make things so much easier when you finally settle in and begin to unpack your stuff.

  1. Take care of the windows

Figure out what to do with the windows. Depending on your budget, preferences and privacy needs you can opt for curtains, shades, drapes or blinds. If you are feeling the pressure of choosing the right window treatment, consider buying cheap temporary curtains or shades and then replace them later on when you know exactly what you want.

  1. Clear up the lawn

It is not just the inside that needs preparation; the lawn probably needs some work too unless, of course, you are moving to an apartment. Hire someone to pull out the weeds, clear the debris and mow the grass.

  1. Larger and more invasive project

Although you may want to stick with smaller, easier projects, it is important to plan for larger projects if you have the time and money.  Many projects are much more difficult to do once you are living in the space, especially kitchens and bathrooms.  Take a look at this other great article: How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Really Take? A Realistic Schedule.


Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

Finally, do not forget to notify friends, family and various services that you have moved. Start by notifying the post office so that your new mail is taken to the right place. Then, change your address details in other important areas such as shopping websites and government services.

How to Prepare after You Hire Cheap Movers in Chicago for Relocation


The easiest way to find cheap movers in Chicago is by using the Internet to search for movers nearest your home. Scheduling with a moving company is the first thing you should do before anything else when you learn about your relocation. The professionals suggest that interested customers book their transport at least two full months in advance. This gives all those involved with the process of moving time to properly prepare.

As soon as you book the date you’d like the movers to come pick everything up, create a to-do list to stay on track. This checklist should include every single thing that needs to be cared for prior to relocating. For instance, matters such as job and utility transfers might be something to add to the list. Finding a babysitter for kids and pets for the day of the move is another common checklist entry. The overall purpose of a checklist is to help you stay organized during the process while you become location independent.

Packing for Relocation without Professional Assistance

If you have decided to take packing on without professional assistance, go out and buy the proper packing supplies such as boxes and box tape. Even save newspapers for stuffing and wrapping. If you start packing at least five weeks prior to relocation, you should have plenty of time to get the entire property prepared for the transport.

On the day of the move, have all of your property packed and ready to be loaded. Every box should be clearly labeled. Clear out all pathways and entryways to assure the safety of the movers. You must also make sure that they have adequate parking. If they must park on public property, obtain a parking permit from the city. After all is loaded, get the driver’s cell phone number and ask when they anticipate arriving at the new location.


Find Dependable and Cheap Apartment Movers in Houston, TX

When you decide to hire a mover, make sure they are familiar with the type of relocation you’re planning. For instance, if you are trying to move out of an apartment or even into an apartment, you may only need services from a cheap apartment mover near your home in Houston, Texas.

The Advantages of Hiring a Small Mover for Apartment Relocation

Hiring a small mover may seem silly to some, but in actuality it can make the entire moving process easier and more successful. The cost of hiring a small mover is usually less expensive than moving the contents of your apartment without experienced help.


Ask the mover about their insurance policy. Make sure all your belongings are protected by the insurance coverage at full value. This will cover anything that needs to be repaired or replaced in case an accident occurs. You could also choose to purchase the full packaging services offered. If you didn’t, make sure you purchase the right materials to pack away your belongings appropriately.

Tips for Apartment Moves

  • Make sure you have all boxes labeled clearly.
  • Assure that the movers have somewhere to park and that all entryways are cleared out for them to maneuver and safely conduct the move.
  • Lessen the costs of the move by packing on your own. Use old clothes, linens and newspaper to protect any fragile goods before they’re packed away in a box.
  • Make sure you have no classes scheduled during or around moving day.
  • Gather friends and neighbors to assist the moving process or help with packing.
  • Offer drinks and possibly snacks to the movers.
  • Keep all packing materials out and ready. Make sure you’re using materials suggested by the moving company.
  • Use old coffee canisters and other similar objects to store away lose odds and ends.


How to Find Cheap Movers in NYC to Help You Relocate to the West Coast


The process of moving from the east coast to the west coast is a hassle for anyone facing the situation. It isn’t hard to find a reliable yet cheap mover in NYC to get your relocation done in no time. Hiring professional movers is the first step to your successful cross country relocation.

Whenever you begin looking for a mover near your home in NYC, start online. Look for the characteristics held by only the most reputable moving companies. This will make it easier to narrow down your results. Once you’ve completed your list of potential movers, you can start gathering quotes for price comparison.

Visible Qualities of a Cheap and Reputable Mover

  • A great reputation among past moving customers. You can find positive reviews and high ratings online.
  • They offer discount packages and special promotions. You may even qualify for discounts based on your personal information or the time of year in which you booked the moving services.
  • They’ll have an insurance policy that covers the entire value of all goods shipping with the moving company.
  • As professional NYC movers, they’ll use the latest moving equipment while practicing the safest methods for relocating the items.
  • They offer convenient services including full packing to make the process of relocation less strenuous on the customer and their family.
  • They’ll offer cheap, affordable rates that appeal to most budget types.
  • They’ll have licenses and certificates showing their authenticity within the relocation industry.


By choosing a mover with the right qualities, you can feel safer with your decision to hire them for your relocation.