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Arizona, or “The Grand Canyon State,” is a beautiful Southwestern state, known for the large climate and topographic differences between the Northern and Southern half of the state.  Though the entire state boasts splendor, the southernmost part is characterized by its desert climate and consistently warm weather with especially hot summers, while the northern half is known for its forests and canyons, mild summers, and snowy winters.  Regardless of where you end up, Arizona makes a great place to call home.

Moving to a new state is often overwhelming and can be costly and stressful, but you will do yourself a great disservice if you choose not to enlist the help of experienced movers.  By contacting one of our relocation specialists, you will essentially remove the stressful part of moving, which can allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of tackling a significant transition such as this.

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Reasons to Move

Whether your move is one made by choice or one made by necessity, it is in your best interest to thoroughly vet whatever company you consider to be in charge of transporting the majority of your possessions.  The following checklist can help you narrow down your search, but your best bet is simply to contact one of our moving agents so that you can be expertly paired with the best matched company.

  1. Experience: A good moving company will have some experience within your destination state, in this case, Arizona.  A GREAT moving company will have EXTENSIVE experience within Arizona, so you can feel safe in their knowledge of the location and the best routes on which to traverse.  Our movers have knowledge and familiarity of both the north and south half of this diverse state, so you can feel safe knowing they will get you where you need to go as efficiently as possible.
  2. Reputation: Always ask for references when hiring any client/customer-based company, and when picking a moving company, the same rings true.  A company that is proud of their reputation will always be more than happy to provide such references, and red flags should definitely be raised if they are hesitant to do so.  Online review companies can also offer some insight, but be aware that people tend to document not-so-stellar experiences more often than raising awareness of times they have had great service, so unless there are obvious patterns, a few rogue negative reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.
  3. Cost: This one is an obvious factor in choosing the right mover, but should not be overlooked or taken for granted.  A mover providing a cost quote significantly lower than competitors can sometimes be suspect, and a worst case scenario would be one of these low-ballers raising the price down the line.  We recommend enlisting the help of a mover who listens to and understands your wants and needs and customizes a quote based on your budget.


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