Are you ready to move?

Moving can be expensive, stressful, and just downright overwhelming.  If you think you are ready to tackle such an undertaking, ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are fully prepared for any eventuality that may come up over the course of this major transition.

Are you prepared for the financial burden?

It is in your best interest to start putting money aside as soon as you decide you will be moving in order to have enough saved when the time comes.  Whether or not you hire professional movers, it can be an expensive endeavor, and you will not want to go into debt just to complete your relocation.  If you will be hiring professional movers, begin calling around early to obtain quotes, so when the time comes to make your decision and put down a deposit, you will have an idea of what the total cost will be.  If you decide not to enlist the help of professionals, make sure to take into account the cost of moving supplies, renting a truck (and perhaps moving equipment), gas, and deposits or down payments for your new place of residence

Do you need moving insurance?

If you are hiring professionals, the company will provide insurance, but make sure to review the limits and to ensure it is sufficient.  Oftentimes, the minimum amount required by law will not be adequate to cover all of your valuables and possessions.  Consider increasing the limits so that you will be fully protected, because if you don’t, and the unforeseeable occurs, the results could be devastating


What items will you need upon arrival?

There’s nothing worse than arriving safely at your final destination and realizing that you cannot find something important that you need immediately.  Before you begin to pack, make a list of the things you will need to have easy access to upon arrival.  Pack these items separately and label them clearly so that they cannot be misplaced.  Consider a different color box, a very noticeable label, or perhaps simply a clear plastic bin so you can easily see the contents inside.

Are you (and your family) mentally and emotionally prepared?

Moving ranks high among the most stressful things you will experience in your lifetime, and this goes double for children because they often don’t fully understand what is happening.  Take the time to explain as best you can what to expect, and make sure you are completely organized and prepared in order to reduce your personal stress which will undoubtedly rub off on those around you.

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Do you have a contingency plan?

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans often go astray, and you should plan for every eventuality to alleviate the additional stress these hiccups can cause.  Begin your moving process early, so that if an unforeseen delay occurs, you still have plenty of time.  If you will be driving long distances, research places you could stop along the way in case of car trouble or the need for a break.  Try your best to expect and plan for the unexpected and hopefully, you won’t have to resort to your back-up plan.


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