Apartment Moving On A Budget: Great Service At Cheap Prices

Apartment moving can be a pesky assignment, especially if there are tricky corners, tight stairwells, and heavy furniture to contend with. At CheapMovingCompanies.co, we provide quality apartment moving solutions at rock-bottom prices so you can focus on the other aspects of moving (see below for a helpful checklist).

Local & Regional – Many local apartment moves are done with a rented or borrowed truck and the help of some friends. We understand this and it’s part of the reason we offer deep discounts for local moving customers. Even if you live on the fifth floor of a building on a busy, narrow street, our expert moving staff will get the job done efficiently and affordably.

Cross Country & International – Long distance and international moving come with a few more logistical hurdles than local apartment moving. For one, there’s more planning and move time involved, which is why it’s so appealing to hire a moving company. One of the benefits our customers always seem to mention is the time saved and headaches avoided by being able to focus on coordinating the other aspects of moving. Relocating to an apartment in another country is no easy task on your own and we recommend our readers call or email us to get an idea of pricing and available services.

Need a cheap solution for moving to a new apartment? Let us handle the stairs, navigate the hallways, and do the heavy lifting–call us at the number at the top of the page to find out how affordable and easy it can be!

Affordable Apartment Moving Companies You Can Trust

Whether you have a studio apartment or a sprawling townhouse, we have a host of cost-effective moving options available. We understand that moving to a new apartment often comes with a lot of loose ends to tie up, which is why we offer several budget-friendly moving choices and features:

  • Express & same day moving available
  • Storage locations available across the U.S.
  • Full-service or a la carte moving options
  • Moving for armed services & military families
  • Student and faculty moving
  • Packing supplies and equipment provided
  • Do-it-yourself or full-service options offered
  • White glove moving for fragile and delicate items
  • We move oversize and heavy items
  • Removal and disposal
  • Insurance coverage for any damages incurred

Make sure you do a thorough inspection of your new apartment before moving in! This guide from Allstate covers the basics of what you need to know.

Get a FREE no-obligation moving estimate in minutes by submitting a request through our online form or calling us at the number at the top of the page! We’re happy to answer your questions and our price quotes are all-inclusive!