A Moving Day Custom Checklist For You

Moving day is panic day, except you have really done your ‘homework’ very well and have everything taken care of. Even then, there is still the anxiety in being sure nothing is being left out. How do you know you are not leaving anything behind? How do you know you have not forgotten something?

A checklist would help, and here is one you can work with.


At your old home, before the movers arrive

  • Inspect all the rooms to make sure everything has been packed and sealed properly.
  • If there is anything left out, complete the packing.
  • Pack your essentials box and put it aside, including anything for the children.
  • Mark and separate all the things that should not be loaded into the truck.
  • Separate your valuables and decide how they will be moved.
  • Remove every obstruction from the way, and clear the walkways so the movers can move freely to pick and load items.
  • Clear the trash, dispose flammables and other such things you cannot move.
  • Make sure a parking space is reserved for the moving truck.
  • Keep the pets and children out of the activities. You can find tips on how to handle your pets here.
  • It will be nice to get some refreshments ready for the movers (or those who will help you, if you are moving yourself)


At your old home, when the movers arrive

  • Confirm the acceptable payment method with your movers.
  • Do a final inspection of all your items with the head of the moving crew andmake sure everything aligns with the inventory list.
  • Point out to the crew all the valuables and items that need special handling.
  • Review the paperwork, and make sure everything it states is clear to you before you sign it.
  • Confirm every other details of the move, like when you are expecting delivery of your properties.
  • Give the movers the correct address to your new home, your contact, and any other information or direction they will need. Also make sure you collect contact information from the driver of the truck, including tracking information.
  • You can serve them something while they load the truck.
  • Stay close and monitor the loading into the truck, give instruction on handling of boxes and any other information that will be needed.

Before you move

  • Ensure all doors are locked.
  • Put off the electricity or any other appliances.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your new address and contact. You should also give a copy to a friend or family, and leave same in the old house as a forwarding address.
  • Leave all the keys for the new tenant, and make sure you also have the keys to your new home.

Don’t forget to tag your pet with the new address and contact information.

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