A Guide for Students to Move with a Limited Budget

Moving is scary for many things, among which is its cost implication. Now when you are a student about to move, you will even be more concerned about that. You have a limited budget and you don’t want anything to drain your college wallet. Are there ways you can cut costs and save some bucks from the move? Yes!

Start searching early

From the point of deciding to take admission in another city or state, you should begin researching on moving services and their charges, and compare your findings. Starting early allows you explore different options and find something that fits your budget.There are estimate calculators that can give you an idea of the cost of your relocation. It can help your planning.


Book early

There are the busy seasons. These are times of the year when most moves are undertaken. Both the manpower of moving companies and their equipment are busy at such times. The beginning of the school year and the end of it would fall into such times, as many students, amongst others, would be moving. It is important to book early. It is your guarantee to securing the mover of your choice and also getting a good deal. Rush hour booking would cost you more, definitely.

Or move yourself

If you have a car, you can consider the option of moving yourself. Get friends and family to help out with the move; the packing, loading, unloading, and lifting things up the stairs.

Talk to your roommates

If you will be sharing a room with some others, it is important you start early to communicate with your roommates. There are many things to talk about, many plans to make together. It begins with who brings what. This is important so you don’t duplicate certain items that can be shared in the room, like fridge and others. Also, when you all share what to bring, it could reduce the amount of stuff you have to move. You should also talk about arrival and plan so you’ll be available to help each other unload things.

Leave the shopping out

As the time approaches for your move to college, there is usually the urge to check for all the things you need, list them out and begin stocking up. You probably have the list ready. But to cut cost by reducing your load, it is better to leave out shopping until you arrive at your new location. In that case, you can better assess whether or not you really need certain things you planned to buy. You may find your roommates brought some of those things and they can be shared.

Preserve some materials

You can save some bucks from packing materials when you preserve them, especially the good ones. Since your next move is not so far away, you can flatten the boxes and keep them somewhere, so they will come into use next time.

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