Reasons to Move to Lubbock

Education– Home to Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian UniversitySouth Plains College, Wayland Baptist University, along with dozens of other institutions of higher learning, including public universities, private universities, and community colleges, Lubbock is on track to have 40,000 students by 2020.  So whether you have chosen to try out a private education opportunity at the ever-popular Texas Technological College or pursue your doctorate at the Sunset International Bible Institute, the opportunities are endless for beginning or furthering your educational aspirations.  Our movers are familiar with many of the major university campuses and are well-equipped to help get you settled in your on-campus dorms or off-campus apartments depending on your situation and personal requirements.

Military–  There are multiple major national defense contractors headquartered here, so whether you are being transferred as active duty or you hope to pursue a civilian job opportunity, we can help your transition.  We value your service of this great country, so be sure to inquire about our military discount if you feel it may apply to you.

Business– Being the largest cotton growing region in the world, much progress has been made towards water conservation. Some of the largest employers in the city are the Texas Tech University, Covenant Health System and University Medical Center. So if you are migrating to this city as a intern for any of the above jobs, or looking to pursue opportunities , we can help with your settlement in close proximity. Lubbock also hosts many open air shopping centers like the Canyon West, World Market etc. The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance constantly monitors the city for more economic development and improving the quality of life out here.

Are you moving to Lubbock?

Mover Requirements

Experience– It is important to note that a competent moving company will have some experience within the industry.  You will get much better results from a team who has been doing the same thing for an extensive timeframe vs. A team of random laborers that you may decide to find on craigslist.  It is also important to ensure they have actual experience within the locale to which you are relocating to as well.  We make an indicate match you to a team of movers who have firsthand knowledge of the city of Anaheim, so they can be fully familiar with the design and layout of the city, thus maximizing efficiency.

Great Reputation– Always request references from any company you are considering hiring, but also do your own research.  Does the company have a solid standing with the Better Business Bureau?  How do the most current reviews on Yelp look?  These are all things to consider when determining which company will offer you the best moving service.

Cost Efficient– A professional moving company does not need to put you in debt or break the bank.  Our main goal is to provide you a service to make your life easier, not start you off in your new home penniless.  We offer budget-friendly packages for people of all walks of life, so you will realize that professional movers are not a benefit reserved only for the wealthy.

Professional– This can be a professional and service-oriented industry, although there are quite a few dishonorable and disreputable companies in the mix.  We pride ourselves on surpassing your expectations of customer service and efficacy at every step along the way.  Your relocation shouldn’t be the end, it must be the beginning of a great opportunity and we want to be an integral part of that process.

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