By the north bank of the Rio Grande, the city of Laredo situated in Texas, nicknamed as the “The Gateway City” is a home of baseball and football teams. It grew from a village and now has the country’s largest inland port. Washington’s Birthday Celebration, held during entire month of February is something which you should not miss, if you are moving to Laredo. The city has some very famous festivals like The Jalapeño Festival, Border Beer Fest, Stockmen’s Ball, Princess PocahontasPageant, Mr. South Texas Luncheon, which are the reason for major tourist attraction. Home to four banking institutions, it offers wide employment opportunities to the youth of the city. Most shoppers are seen around the Mall del Norte, an indoor shopping mall in Laredo. Also, the Laredo Public Library is a bookworm’s paradise. The city offers a wide range of pubs, nightclubs, movie theatres and other such entertainment junctions. Featured in various movies and songs like the “Streets of Laredo”, the city has its own contribution to the field of arts and culture. If you are moving towards this part of the Texas, then you are surely going to meet many sports enthusiasts as well.

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Laredo Plaza Theatre
Laredo Plaza Theatre

Mover Requirements:
Many moving companies exist, but considering the importance of having your properties relocated safely, it is necessary not just to manage any company, but the right one. To help you ascertain you have found a reliable moving company, here are some things you should do and look out for:

1. Licensed: To know you are dealing with a trustworthy company, that company should be licensed by the appropriate state or federal authorities. You should be able to confirm this, too.

2. Insured: For this line of business, insurance is very important. Confirm that the company is insured. You can request for the proof of insurance.

3. Professionals: Go with a company that consists of professionals in the business. Several things can begin to tell you how qualified the company is. From their website, to the communication with them on the first contact, you can begin to evaluate this.

4. Experienced: Experience increases a company’s effectiveness in handling the business. Discover how long the company ‘s been around and some information about the services they have rendered in times past.
Good reputation: If the company has served others, then there should be some reviews about them. You can ask for references. Also, you can check up the company with Better Business Bureau and see what others are saying about them.

5. Cost Effective: Affordability is important. You should go with a company whose pricing is competitive. Exorbitant prices are scary, but also be cautious of extremely low prices.

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Moving to Laredo?  We work hard, so you don’t have to…Call us TODAY (or complete the form on the right) for a FREE, no-obligation quote from one of our moving specialists.