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Hanford is an important commercial and cultural center in the south central San Joaquin Valley and is the county seat of Kings County, California and has a climate typical of that of the San Joaquin Valley floor with hot, dry summers and cool winters characterized by dense Tule fog. The city is well known for major trading center serving the surrounding agricultural area. According to the California Employment Development Department, as of September 2012, most residents of the Hanford-Corcoran Metropolitan Statistical Area were employed in services, government and farming. The city is home to a satellite campus of the College of Sequoias, based in Visalia, Calif., as well as Chapman University.

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Reasons to Move to Hanford

Reasons abound why you may choose to relocate to Hanford, and they also determine the kind of move you will be making. But no matter what it is, we can assist you in making sure your relocation is smooth. Here are some reasons why Hanford appeals to be a good place to live in.

Amazing cultural sites: There are many cultural sites in the city of Hanford, which makes it unique and interesting. These sites are historically rooted in the city and it is very rare to get this in other cities of the state. Some of the cultural sites include: Hanford fox theatre, China Alley historic district, Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture, the Hanford Carnegie Museum, the Kings District Fair and Kings Art Center.

Unequalled sporting activities: While many cities don’t have sporting activities of their own, the Hanford can boast of unique sporting activities that cannot be compared to any other in the state. Not only is it the site of the Hanford Criterium bicycle races held on a Sunday in late March or early April. This is run on downtown streets and held under USA Cycling racing rules and permit. It also parades the Dirt track auto racing which takes place at the Kings Speedway from March through October. The track is a 3/8-mile semi-banked clay oval and is located at the Kings Fairgrounds. These sporting activities portrays the uniqueness of the Hanford.

Unique features of an emerging city: Hanford possesses some unique features that distinguish it from others. The city is in literature in the William Saroyan’s short story, “The Journey to Hanford” that appeared in My Name Is Ara, also prides itself as home to the Chinese community, as the Chinese immigrants arrived in the late 19th century to build railroads and work on farms. Likewise it has a unique black community that it supports, though the black community has long played an important role in the city, the City of Hanford only began to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 15, 2007.

There are more about Hanfordthat you will discover with living in the city. So, if Hanford is the place, we’d like to be the people to help you make it there smoothly.

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