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Cupertino is a city in Santa Clara County,California.Cupertino was named after the town of Cupertino in the Apulia region of Italy.The city is most well-known for being the home of Apple’s corporate headquarters,a city blessed with natural beauty and plenty of warm weather.Cupertino is also a popular place for people looking forward to relocating or settling down in California. As one of the wealthiest cities in the state and the entire country,the reason why people are attracted to this city is very obvious and glaring. Aside from being the home to one the most popular technology companies in the world,Cupertino is a very beautiful,lively and interesting place that many people may not know much about, the city is also the 11th wealthiest in the US, a home to many wealthy people and also ranked by Forbes as one of the most educated small towns. Well, that’s why we are available to enlighten you and help you relocate whenever you are ready to.

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Reasons to Move to Cupertino

Moving to a city like Cupertino is a great decisions. Everyone wants to boast of owning a beautiful piece of property in great city. Reasons you should move to this amazing city are not far-fetched;

Beautiful properties:Truly money can’t buy you happiness or joy but it can surely buy you a magnificent and well-furnished home in a beautiful place like Cupertino, surveying the neighborhoods in Cupertino gives rise to the fact that they are clean,quiet and peaceful,house fronts and yards always seem to be clean cut and well-manicured.

Technologically inclined area: Cupertino contributes large to the world of technology being the home to the headquarters of many high-tech companies. The worldwide headquarters for one of the world leading tech companies Apple Incorporation is located at Cupertino and Apple Incorporation is the city’s largest employer followed by Oracle. Aside this, there decades of other tech companies like IBM,Hewlett-Packard, and Trend Micro are proud to call the city their home.

Transportation: For commuters in Cupertino,two major freeways serve the city,Interstate 280 and State Route 85 with traffic lights at all major intersections and multi-lane boulevards.In Cupertino, nearly all streets have sidewalk and the city also has bike lane on its boulevard.The city does not operate a commuter rail service yet but provision of bus services is made available by VTA.Cargo and passenger air transport is available at San Jose International Airport which is the closest to the city.

Education: Cupertino is known for its high achieving primary and secondary schools,the city offers a high-class education.Its main high school,Monta Vista High School is known for breeding students with exceedingly high score in tests and is ranked number 23 out of all the public schools in the nation.The city is also a home to one of the best middle schools in the state, John F. Kennedy middle school, no wonder it was ranked by Forbes as one of the most educated small towns.

Overall, Cupertino is a great place to live in, offers you the best in whatever you are moving there for.

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