9 Mistakes Of Packing You Should Definitely Avoid

Moving time is also backache time when you have to get it done by yourself. And get ready for some headache from worrying about taking care of all the details, and getting it done rightly. Doing it yourself saves you money, but you must be careful not to make some mistakes that can either lead to damage to your properties, or cause you more stress during or after the move. Here are some of them.

luggage stuffing

  • Not planning your move and your packing

It is easy to assume you still have a lot of time, and you will eventually get it all done before the D-day. One day you will wake up to find you have just few hours to your moving time and you haven’t gotten everything set. It is better to plan your packing, and to start early enough to allow you go over everything that needs to be done, check and recheck to make sure they are all okay.

  • Not sorting your properties before packing

With many things to pack and less time, you may be tempted to just start packing without taking the time to sort the items into different groups. This is important so you can handle each item appropriately. You will also be able to separate things you no longer need and discard (trash, sell or donate) them to make room for the important ones, and reduce the amount of things to be moved.

  • Forgetting to label your boxes, or improper labeling

You wouldn’t want to waste precious time trying finding things you need after you have settled in your new location. This is why you should not take light labeling your boxes. It helps you locate whatever you need easily, and when unpacking, you know just where the things in each box have to be.

  • Packing things you are not allowed to move

Flammables, hazardous items, perishables, plants, etc., are some things you should not pack. This is because you are not allowed to move some of these, while others will not be convenient. Find out about these things and avoid packing them.

  • Packing your high-value items among others meant for the truck

Certain items should rather go with you. These are very precious items that are dear to you and you wouldn’t want to lose. They include jewels and other expensive items, documents, your check book and other financial papers, etc.

  • Using second-hand, old and worn packing boxes

Second-hand boxes are not as firm as new ones. It is possible for the box to be crushed by the weight of other items stacked on it. When this happens, there is risk of damage to your properties. It is best to use strong boxes.

  • Not filling up the boxes

When a box is not filled up, the ones stacked on it can fall into the space, which may not be even. The things in the box can shift, and there will be a crash.

  • Making the boxes excessively heavy

While the boxes should be filled properly, they must not be too heavy. Maintain a reasonable weight in each box, knowing that these boxes will be stacked on each other. For heavy items, you can spread them across several boxes, and make up the boxes with weightless materials.

  • Not separating essential items for the move

There are some essentials you will need during the move. You should pack them separately and carry them along with you. But they are not just for the move, because you may not be fully unpacked days after you arrive at your new home. So extend them to cover for a few days.

 Take these hints and do the packing rightly. But if you say, “I’d rather let professional movers handle the job,” all you need to do is request for a quote and let us take care of it all.