7 Unpacking Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

While you may have given much attention to packing and tried to do it right, unpacking should not be treated with less care. It also deserves efforts directed at doing it right. Many troubles can arise when you don’t do it well, ranging from headaches and stress of having to do certain things over, to damages or loss of items. So here are some mistakes you shouldn’t make while unpacking in your new home.


  • Not inspecting the boxes first

You want to be sure nothing is missing and everything is okay. So it is wise to begin by inspecting the boxes first. You should have an inventory of all the things moved. Checking them immediately helps you establish any complaint early enough.

  • Trying to do everything the same day

Don’t put yourself up for frustration by trying to unpack all your items that same day. Such targets are unrealistic and will get you confused. While rushing, you will not do some things correctly, and there will definitely be consequences. Instead, start with the necessities and get everything fully set up as the days go by.

  • Not prioritizing your unpacking

It is wrong to think you can just begin anywhere. What happens when you are tired and need rest? Some things are essential and must be given priority. Beddings, food and toiletries should be set up first. So your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom should top your priority. You will need what these places have to offer as you continue the unpacking process.

  • Not separating the essentials box

If you packed your essentials box, which you should, you ought to separate it from the others while unloading the boxes. So before unpacking, you should put it aside, and not get it mixed with the piles. Keep it close to your reach. Ideally, it should contain things you will have immediate need of even while you are just starting to unpack.

  • Starting to unpack without sorting

With all the boxes piled up together or scattered around a particular area, it will be more work to begin unpacking without sorting them. When you do this, you will spend more time looking for certain items and boxes each time you need them. To save this time, start by sorting all the boxes (which you must have labeled properly) and put them where they are needed.

  • Easily discarding boxes and wrapping papers

Before discarding your boxes and wrapping papers, it is advisable to empty the boxes and flatten all the pieces of packing materials. This helps ensure that no small (and maybe expensive) item gets entangled in them and discarded together. You can keep your boxes for sale on Craigslist.

  • Not planning your furniture

If you start out placing furniture without first drawing out a plan on where things should be in each room, you may end up having to do it over again when you find some things could have been better placed somewhere else. So it is best to have a plan before putting your furniture (especially the large ones) anywhere.


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