5 Ways To Learn About A New City

Which are the best restaurants, neighborhoods, and hangouts? Where are the shopping centers? Where is the drugstore? The questions are endless. You begin asking them before moving, and until you get to the city. If it is your first move, then you’ll find the process even tougher, but here are some tips to help you. And if you have done it severally, you may have tried one or more of these methods to learn about, and get yourself settled in your new city.

living in a new city

  1. Get online; it’s a sure first-stop

It is possible to live in a city through the Internet even before you set your foot on its soil. It is amazing the wealth of useful information you can find online from different sites. All you probably need to do is just Google the city name, and you will opened up to many things. From Google Street View, to sites like Yelp, Foursquare, StreetAdvisor, Quora, etc., you will be able to find out details about the neighborhood, get reviews from people who have lived there, or still do, get advice and suggestions.


  1. How about buying a guidebook?

Guidebooks give you useful information about a place, and direction on getting around the city. You find information about restaurants, shops, parks and recreation sites, transportation, and other basic things a visitor needs to know about a place to help them get around and explore the city.


  1. Get the locals at the bar or coffee shop talking

Spend some time at the bar or coffee shop, strike up discussions, and ask questions about the area. Most locals are apt to treating newcomers kindly, especially when you meet them at their favorite hangouts in the city, and will be pleased to talk about their city and offer advice. And who knows a city more than the bartenders?


  1. Let your hobbies connect you quickly

Whatever your hobbies are, get at them, and you will begin to find companionship with those who share similar interests. Engaging in the same activities give room for people to feel attached to, or interested in, each other. It begins with talking about what brings you all together, and you can ask anything about the city. Friendship starts, and you get people who will help you explore the city.


  1. Take a walk, and keep going

People will tell you many things about the city, but none of that matters as much as what you find out for yourself. So go take a walk. Get around the city. Try the restaurants, shops, and bars. Visit the landmarks and city attractions. It’s all fun.