5 Tips for Moving Abroad

It could be for the fun and adventure in exploring new and unknown territories. Sometimes it is for the pursuit of particular interests. It could be for career, research, education, or to be with some friends or family. There are many reasons for which you may choose to move abroad. But whichever is the case, there are some basic things necessary for such journeys.


You must be prepared. Moving abroad is not like going to the next town. You don’t wake up and just do it. Preparation is important if you must have a smooth journey, and these tips will guide you on what you should do in line with your planned move.


  1. Decide on the country

The purpose of the move should guide this decision. When there is a specific need for the move, like a new job, an already secured admission, a research in a specific place, etc., knowing where to go won’t be an issue. However, if it is a decision you have to make all by yourself, then you will be considering several factors including viable countries based on your profession, business or interests, living conditions, ease of securing travel documents, etc.


Travel with passport and map
Travel with passport and map
  1. Some homework is important

It begins with researching on your new destination. Find out all you can about the country. You will need all that information in the weeks and months to come. Find out about the travel requirements for that country and if there are any risks and warnings about moving to the place. Research on places to live and do what you intend doing.


  1. Apply early

Starting with your passport, apply early for one or renew your old one. You are expected to have at least to blank pages and should be valid for up to six months after your return. But if you will be staying longer and may need renewing your passport while still abroad, you would have to contact the U.S. Embassy in your resident country. If your journey requires a visa, you should also begin applying for it early, as embassies would take some weeks to review your visa application. You can find out the requirements for different countries from the U.S. Department of State.


  1. Start saving

Moving to a new country and setting up there will not only cost you some money but will also take some time. Except you are moving for a job, which means you already have one, it may take some time go get settled at your new country and get a job there. Moreover, everything about a move costs some money.


  1. Build a network

Our world is indeed a global village. Right where you are you can create connections with people in the country and city you intend to live in. Several social sites and tools allow you to build such connections and get firsthand information on things going on around there. Your profession or line of interest can also be a way to create such connections. Find people who are into the same field you belong to. You can also start from where you are and build friendship with local residents who are from that country.

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