5 Things People Forget To Do Before They Move

There are a thousand and one things to do when planning a move. A thousand and one things to remember and keep track of. The probability of forgetting some things that should be taken care of is very high. It gets worse when the move isn’t planned properly with enough time to make necessary arrangements. And as the D-day approaches, anxiety increases. Even worrying over what must have possibly been forgotten can make you forget some other things. This is why working with a checklist is important. To help make things easier, here are five things that most people forget to do before moving. Hopefully, you wouldn’t make the same mistake.


Couple surrounded by boxes resting
Couple surrounded by boxes resting
  1. Organize personal and family records

Family records are important, and you should make sure you collect all of them and organize them. These include family education and health records. The children’s educational records need to be transferred to their new school. Your family’s medical records should also be transferred from your current physician to your new one. Ensure you make arrangement for these transfers. Also endeavor not to forget to get the vaccination records and other medical details for your pets.


  1. Change your address

You should remember to change the address for all your mail with the U.S. Postal Service. Doing this is now made easy, and you can achieve it by just filling an online form. However, it is important to take care of it early enough (at least 2 weeks before you move) so you can start off with your mail by the time of your move-in.


  1. Contact your car insurance company

Car insurance requirements differ from state to state, and sometimes even differ within cities in the same state. You should contact your insurance compact and make inquiries on what changes apply to the coverage, rates and deadlines in line with the transition. Also find out the details for updating your insurance coverage for your new location.


  1. Organize your finances and subscriptions

Recurring charges from subscriptions and memberships should be cancelled to avoid continuous accumulation, and for some this needs to be done within a given cancellation period. For monthly bills, make proper arrangement to have them paid promptly. It is possible to lose track of bills with all the other things packed. It may be helpful to set up automatic payment for your bills at such a busy and hectic time.


  1. Collect items from the cleaners, tailors or repair shops

When you can forget to take care of some things at home with all there is to do when moving, it becomes even easier to forget anything you gave out that needs to be collected. Did you give anything to the cleaners, tailors or repair shops? If so, then remember to collect them on time for the move. Also remember any items your neighbors may have borrowed from you, like the lawn mower.


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