Life is all about change, and this change affects us in one way or the other. Sometimes you have to move from one destination to another, either for greener pastures, studies or even to experience life from another perspective. So, are you getting ready for your next move? With these simple moving hacks, it’ll be an experience you’ll relish.

Take good care of your electronics

These days, many people have different types of electronics, and by implication have many charging cables for phones, tablets, laptops? the list goes on. It might not be easy to identify them when you move, or might even be time consuming. So, take good care of those electronics. Label them if you can. You can even take pictures of them as you pack, so that when you have to unpack them into your new home, you know what belongs where, and how they should be connected; and it will be a lot easier.

Label your boxes

When moving, you’ll definitely pack different items in different boxes. It is therefore necessary to label those boxes, so you don’t stress yourself in your new home, searching for what is in different boxes. It will be safe to label the boxes by the side, not on top, so that you and your movers can easily see where they should go. Likewise, you could colour the boxes too, for example, everything that should be in the living room is pink and so on. When moving, organisation is key to make it successful and stress-free.


Pack clothes hanging

We all wear clothes, and definitely need them when we move. But one mistake most peoplemake is to unhang the clothes, and fold theminside the boxes. The thought of doing this, understandably, is tiring. All you need to do is to take the clothes out of the closet on hangers and simply place themin a garbage bag hanger side out. After doing this, safely tie the bag in your hanger, and untie on the moving day. So, on getting to your destination, hanging your clothes will just be as simple as ABC.

Pack the drawers as they are

There is no point stressing yourself, unpacking what is inside the drawer. Why will you unpack it today just to load it back the next day? Instead, get some industrial plastic wrap (which protects your furniture from any bruises while moving) to seal your drawers closed and go, and upon arriving at your destination, you unwrap the drawer. And guess what, you’re good to go!

Be ready before the moving day

Many peoplemake the mistake of not getting ready before the D-day. To simplify your move, you need not leave things for the last minute. Don’t wait till when people show up before you start rushing. If you do, there are chances you might leave some things unpacked which you will not like, and that can cause a lot of delay for friends and family.

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