5 Important Tips To Selecting Moving Companies

There are many tough decisions to make about moving. It begins with where to relocate to. When and how to move come next. In the ‘how’ you have to decide whether or not to hire professional movers. But trouble doesn’t end there. After deciding on going with professional movers, you have to make the choice of which company to settle for. This seems like the hardest, as you are deciding at whose mercy to leave all your belongings.

You want to be sure you are dealing with the right people, and we want to help you with making that choice. So here are 5 things to guide your decision.


Young couple watching movers move boxes from the moving van

  1. Where do they operate?

You can do your search by asking around. Check your yellow pages. You can also go online and find at least three companies. One thing to guide you is to ensure the companies you pick operate within the areas you are dealing with. Some movers operate only within a state, while some cover different parts of the country.

  1. Are they reliable?

Begin by visiting the company’s website and finding out more about them. You should also call and speak directly with the company’s representative. Make all necessary inquiries about their operations and record in the business. Are they licensed? Are they insured? Do they have their own equipment?

  1. What kind of experience do they have?

Experience in the business can assure you of their ability to handle your kind of move. You should go for a company that makes use of people who have experience on the job. They should be able to handle different properties appropriately, though elevators, doorways or staircase.

  1. What are others saying about them?

Check for the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. Find reviews and see what others are saying about the company. You can check on sites like Yelp and TrustLink; you will find user reviews and know what other people’s experiences with the company were.

  1. Is their price competitive?

While price may not be the ultimate factor for choosing a company, you also want to get good deal for your money. Ask for an estimate and ensure it specifies all the services, and there will be no unexpected charges later on. You can get from more than one company and compare to ensure the company you are going with falls within average.

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